Friday, February 5, 2010

Crying like a little girl

Yesterday, while sampling an array of great wines, a woman was brought to tears. I wouldn't believe it myself if I hadn't seen it. She was perfectly happy, and conversational, but there it was, she tasted it and cried tears of joy. I was somewhat humbled by the outpouring of emotion. As the day progressed, and I relayed this woman's reaction to the wine, I received quite a bit of cynicism. And I guess this shouldn't be too surprising, I would have probably reacted the same way (with cynicism, not tears). The question is: Why not? The wine that did this was stunning, and if anything could bring a person to tears, this may be it. Wine can bring a rush of memories, and associations, some long dormant. Why couldn't this happen? If we are spending $50+ of great bottles of wine, why can't these evoke emotional responses? Have you ever seen anyone brought to tears from wine, or food for that matter? Incidentally, the wine that did this was the 2006 Drew Fog-Eater Pinot Noir from Anderson Valley.

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