Monday, April 6, 2009

Demetria Estate

As I was putting this portfolio together, I asked my friends in Santa Barbara to recommend some new producers. One name kept popping up, Demetria. Demetria was established in 2005 when they purchased the former Andrew Murray property in Santa Ynez Valley. It's a property I knew well, and have visited it several times. The vines are pristine, I knew they were planted with great rootstock. I was especially intrigued about Deemetria's approach to farming. They subscribe to biodynamics.
I am at heart a skeptic. I also know about biodynamics from my Uncle, who is a Rudolph Steiner devotee. But here's my take on this. Every winery I have ever come across that uses biodynamics is of exceptional quality. I believe that this sort of caring for the earth and the vines is a very interesting and exciting approach. It can't help but raise the quality of the end product. I applaud the efforts that Demetria is taking for both the environmental impact, and for the painstaking commitment to quality.
So how are the wines? Well, they're terrific, Demetria makes Rhone varietals form their Santa Ynez Estate , and , they make Burgundian Varietals from their Estate in Santa Rita Hills. I've tried red and white from both locations and each wines shows a restraint, complexity and a sense of place. These were exciting wines to try,and I can't wait to start showing them to my accounts and friends

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