Thursday, April 30, 2009

What's the best pairing for a web presence? Physical presence and flat out hustle.

As more people and are becoming more connected, there is a notion that working smarter can replace working harder. This is FALSE! A web presence is vital in today's tough market. This economy is taking it's toll. It may be cliche, but those that hustle will sell more wine. Consider part of the hustle to be your web presence. Blog, post, tweet as much as you can (as long as the content is good). Hustle in front of the computer, or on your laptop, or phone. Use your downtime to get the words out there. Putting the hours and sincere effort in right now is irreplaceable.
What else is irreplaceable? Time in front of actual people pouring and talking about the wines. You need to have a presence in the public as much as you have a web-presence. Be in accounts and schedule events. Physically being there is not enough either though, you need to be a presence. Have a personality, an energy, a confidence. Engage the people tasting your wine. Your enthusiasm will make the wine taste even better.
The more presence you have in a tasting, the more it will parlay into web presence. Embrace cross promotion! Get people to come out to your tastings with your web presence. Make the tastings so great that people will spread the word through multiple medium. Make sure they know how to find you on the web. Making your efforts pay off is the best way to work smarter today.

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