Monday, January 4, 2010

I am a geek.

Without delving too far into the subtle differences between a geek and a nerd, I will say, that they should not be confused. A geek, while often used derogatorily, is really a term that means that someone is really into something. A nerd on the other hand, is someone, while quite possibly a geek simultaneously, is a nerd as a result of that person's general disregard or otherwise obliviousness of social norms.
There are computer geeks (natch), car geeks, History channel geeks, baseball geeks, woodworking geeks. Anyone that is into something beyond just a hobby or a passing interest, is a geek. The world needs geeks, it breeds enthusiasm, if you are lucky enough to be a geek about your profession, then you are even further blessed.
So with that bit of house cleaning taken care of, I am a geek. Specifically, a wine geek. Many of you may say that a wine snob and a wine geek are the same thing, again, this is inaccurate. A snob is someone that judges other people based on their wine choices. While I have been known to do this, I have evolved, and I hope you have too.
A wine geek should have general excitement for many aspects of wine. Some tend to geek out more on the collectible side, some on the production side (this tends to get me pretty excited). So if you are a wine geek (or a snob learning to be a geek), and you are in this business, consider yourself very lucky, every day. For those of you in this business that are not geeks (And I say this rhetorically, because only wine geeks and family read this), you are missing a great opportunity to actually love something you do, and I am offended by your sheer existence. OK, maybe I'm still a little bit of a snob...

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  1. OK- So I'm a geek and proud! Where do I sign up for the tattoo?