Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Domino's-Now less crappy!

I saw the Domino's "apology" commercial tonight, and it really left a bad taste in my mouth. They essentially admit to the fact their pizza was bad, and has been bad for oh, about.. ever! So, I am insulted that they tried to sell it to me my entire life, and now all of a sudden, they're sorry it sucked. And the worst part is, they couldn't tell, they needed "real people" who all of a sudden told them "it's ketchup and cardboard" and now they listen? To boot, now these same people have reformulated their formerly crappy pizza (but was apparently good enough for them until the masses opened their eyes), and now we're supposed to say"oh, OK, now that you're really trying, I'll buy it again." How about this for honesty: They should have said, "we knew our pizza wasn't any good, but we made it cheap, got it to you fast, and you bought a ton and made us rich. When you started buying everyone's pizza instead of ours, we panicked and decided to be honest, sort of..." Does that sound more accurate?

Which bring me to wine. If you make crap or sell crap, how is anyone ever going to trust to do anything but lie to them ever again? On the sales side, you're only as good as the wine in your bag, if this is your career, you can't afford to mortgage your reputation on plonk you don't believe in. See how stupid these guys sound?
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1 comment:

  1. Love it! That clip is hilarious!

    I have to admit that I think companies should solicit feedback to improve their products but publicly admitting that your product sucks after years of sales, is just stupid! :P