Sunday, March 22, 2009

A dozen eyeballs and many tweaks

First post was about how I got the ball rolling, I'll break the time continuum a la Lost once in a while. This one is what's happening right now. I have had many people read all of the Q & A's on the home page,and I keep finding myself writing editorially. The problem with this is that when I write a Q & A specific to business, I need to "can" the editorial. I feel like it is where it needs to be now (at least until someone else inspires me to fix it). I have edited that thing 5 times, and Brad has re-posted that many times. Brad also did a great minor tweak to the video. Tightened up the language and made the map part linger a bit longer. I really do love that video. The song is Spoon "The Book I Write". It's from the movie Stranger Than Fiction with Will Ferrell. Spoon is probably one of my favorite bands from the last 5 years, and the energy is perfect. Everything is moving very well, thanks in large part to freinds and family helping out. I can already tell, if this is successful, it will be because it was a collaborative effort. On major hurdle passed today, got a positive email from someone I will need to work pretty closely with. Let's just say I wasn't sure what I'd get, but so far so good.

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