Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The power of a clear wine brand (I don't mean like Zima)

I learned something 2 weeks ago, that now has worked it's way into my skill set. I learned how to make sure you have a message. I am applying this to a wine brand. as I'm thinking about producers and their wine lineups, I'm am seeing that there is opportunity in narrowing the focus. In France it's easy, if you're in Burgundy, you make Burgundy, you can make chardonnay or pinot or both. That's pretty much in. In California, you have about 150 choices. What if you want to make everything? Well, I guess that's what a wine club is for. For my purposes, it helps if i have one line about a producer to explain their story. Sometimes it's hard to figure out what that one thing is, but it's getting easier. I've learned that I don't need to categorize based on the varietals grown. Maybe there's a common thread running through everything... hmmm....

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