Friday, March 27, 2009

Making me rethink my position on "Dawgs"

I have a really good friend in my cousin's husband who hails from the Atlanta area. Among other things, he is a huge Georgia Tech fan. Me being a pretty big Wolverine's fan, listen attentively to his comparisons of the vapid nature of both Georgia and Ohio State fans. We unofficially agreed years ago to root for each others teams out of respect for each others sports views. Somehow, I now despise Georgia Bulldogs just as I despise Buckeyes. I am now beginning to rethink my position. As I have been trying to build this business, I have called upon many friends and associates for counsel, one individual has been especially helpful and dependable, Mat Garretson. First, checkout his blog, it's a hoot. You may not make the connection, but Mat Garretson is best known as the proprietor and winemaker of Garretson Wine Co in Paso. He had so many great lines on his website and tshirts, one was centered around hi wine called "Craic" (pronounced crack). I also remember something to the effect-"No Chardonnay, No Cabernets, No Whining" Sadly, Mat had to pull the plug on the winery back in November due to a very tough business climate. As Mat has been networking looking for his next move, we hooked up. His experience and perspective has proved to be invaluable. It continues to prove that every connection you make in this, or any business can come back to be worth it's weight in gold. Respect your connections! As you climb any ladder, it's often the people above you that can bring up to the next rung. Mat will land on his feet,and has some solid options in front of him in the Wine Business. He is also a big Dawgs fan as evidenced by this label. So between Mat,a nd the fact that the Lions are probably going to pick Matthew Stafford #1 (and set the organization back another 5 years). I'm starting to feel like I may need to rethink my stance on the "Dawgs"!

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